Bonding, in a heartbeat.

Did you know that all babies - prematurely and healthy born alike - develop best when they are safe and sound in their parent's arms? During skin-to-skin cuddling sessions, known as kangaroo care, parent and baby co-regulate their temperature, breathing and heart rate. Nothing works better, even for the tiniest and most vulnerable prematurely born babies who are cared for in an incubator, and it's benefits are proven: improved bonding, better brain development, reduced stress, deeper sleep, and better immunity, just to name a few!

Hugsy makes the benefits of a mother's (or father's) embrace last longer, to provide comfort to babies even when their parents cannot be nearby. Hugsy is a smart blanket that combines the most important features of a parent’s presence, like warmth, smell and the unique heartbeat. Hugsy’s evidence-based design has won several design awards and is already being used in Dutch hospitals during clinical trials. 


Supports Kangaroo Care

The Hugsy Blanket is used to support kangaroo care cuddle sessions, and hold a baby skin to skin against a parent's chest. During this cuddle moment, the blanket absorbs a parent's comforting smell, and keeps both parent and baby nice and warm.


Hugsy Heartbeat Module 

During these special cuddle moments, the Hugsy Heartbeat Module can be used to record a parent's unique heartbeat, which is stored in the module and can be played back to their baby. 

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Continuous Comfort

Hugsy then continues to provide a parent's soothing presence, even when they can't be nearby by recreating the feeling of a parent's embrace, surrounding the baby with their comforting smell captured during kangaroo care, and playing back their heartbeat! 

Hugsy is designed for both hospitals and homes

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Hugsy Home

Kangaroo care was discovered in the neonatal wards of Bogota Colombia in the 1970's, where babies born too early were held skin to skin on their parents chest. Babies who were cared for in this way left the hospital sooner, and the most amazing thing was that mortality rates dropped from 70 to 30% with this care! Kangaroo care has been extensively studied in the last 30 years, with amazing benefits proven for not only premature babies, but also healthy born babies! That's where Hugsy Home comes in, to provide soothing comfort to healthy babies at home. 

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Hugsy Hospital

Hugsy started as a product designed for the tiniest most vulnerable babies born too early who need to spend time in the hospital, away from their parents. With the pain and stress which can be experienced in the hospital, Hugsy started with the aim to give these babies the best comfort possible, by enhancing bonding with parents, and improving well-being.

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Our Partners

I think the Hugsy definitely has benefits, especially in the development of the little one. If you think about the heartbeat and the smell, I truly believe this can have a positive effect on the baby’s development.
— Sandra van der Zander-Kwaks, Mother of prematurely born twins
Parents and nurses working with Hugsy really don’t want to give it back.
— Astrid Osagiator, Senior NICU Nurse at Maxima Medical Center
My son was way calmer when wearing the Hugsy swaddling blanket. Not only during skin-to-skin care, but also when he was back in his crib.
— Wendy Houwen, Mother of 2 children

Media and Awards

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